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Sean Weston
South Africa
Meet Sean

I come from a very sporty background; growing up I had a passion for health and fitness and it was natural for me to study further and obtain my Bachelor of Sports Science degree in 2009.

The knowledge I gained from my studies I applied to myself and transformed my physique from relatively skinny to competition ready.  I enjoy helping others do the same to help them reach their goals, whether it be weightloss and toning, or building muscle or just keeping fit.
"I enjoy helping others reach their goals"
I am a Personal Trainer at Planet Fitness MegaClub in Durban where I have clients who want personal training only, others who want to combine personal training 1-on-1 with online training and long-distance clients who want to train anywhere in the world using my tailored exercise and meal plans.

The advantage of combining personal training with online is that I will be with you 24/7 including the days you are not training with me at the gym. This will give you a much better structure to your training and reaching your goals in optimum time.

Check out my packages and find the one that will best suit your needs and pocket.

I would love to be your helping hand taking you to your next fitness level.


Bachelor of Sport Science UKZN


First Aid
Swimming Midmar Mile

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