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Jonathan Pooler
South Africa
+27 79 893 1989
Meet Jonathan

My name is Jonathan Pooler, I am 22 years old and currently studying sports science at the University of Pretoria, as well as being qualified in specialized nutrition through Trifocus Fitness Academy .

I finished school in 2014 weighing only 68kg. I was ashamed and embarrassed by my skinny, boney physique and would often wear multiple layers of clothing to give the illusion that I had  even an ounce of muscle on my tiny frame.

I would spend my allowance on supplements and sweets, thinking calories and supplements were what I needed to grow. However after 18 months of "training" and drinking every protein shake under the sun, my physique remained scrawny as ever...

I decided to start reading and learning about nutrition, since there must be something I was missing. How can I be eating, training and using supplements and my physique remained the same?

It was clear that I was not eating the right foods, nor was I training correctly. I started changing my approach from a calorie focused approach to a nutrition based approach and ensuring I was eating the right foods to achieve my goal and perform optimally. Suddenly the results starting coming in thick and fast : I was waking up each day bigger and stronger than the day before.

My outlook on life improved and a deep sense of joy and satisfaction set in. This is what I was destined to do and the passion and fire I have in myself to help others do the same in a fraction of the time frame is my life's purpose. Changing people's physiques, and in turn changing peoples lives gives me more joy than I can describe.

My goal in life is to give everyone the tools to change their physiques regardless of financial situations. Everyone deserves to wake up with their dream body, I wish to make this dream a reality for everyone.

I am currently 98kg with sub 10% body fat. I believe everyone has the ability to get in shape, all that is needed is the correct guidance and programming. I do not believe in fad diets, overuse of supplements and any short term dramatic "solutions". I believe in individualized programs as well as basic nutrition and hard training.

I have competed in 4 shows
1) Rossi Grand Prix - Fitness model - Did not place
2) NABBA Provincials - sportsmodel - 2nd place
3) IFBB Junior bodybuilding - 2nd Place

4) IFBB Puma classic open bodybulding u90kg- 2nd place

I want to help people change their physiques and in turn change their lives. I am hugely passionate and highly driven and when I set my mind on a target and a mission I will succeed no matter what.


Specialized Nutrition from Trifocus Fitness academy


2 x 2nd place finishes in national shows

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