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Wayne & Jo @ Team-WC Training
South Africa
Meet Wayne & Jo @

Team-WC consists of Wayne Coetzee WBFF Professional Muscle Model & Johan Turkstra a 23 year old Law student both from Pretoria. Wayne has years of experience when it comes to training techniques & personal training. He obtained Professional status in 2013 at WBFF South Africa. Johan is a competitive Fitness Model who’s competed in various events all around the country and has always been curious about different techniques and ways to better not only himself but also his clients. The passion for reading & studying all the different techniques there is ultimately lead to him knowing everything he knows today. By doing this Johan became extremely passionate about not only the fitness industry as an athlete but also as a coach to be able to create plans for clients specifically to suit their needs. We firmly believe that no individual is the same, regardless of having the same bloodgroup, composition or both. We believe in an individualized approach when it comes to clients to ultimately help them change not only their bodies but also their lifestyle.


Wayne is a Professional Muscle Model & Personal trainer. Johan is a Law graduate & Nutrition expert.


Wayne has earned his Professional Muscle Model status in 2013 and has competed twice in the WBFF Worlds Championships earning a top 10 spot as well as 4th place in the Los Angeles Championship.

Johan has placed:
2018 - Elite Athlete Extravaganza, 4th Place Men’s Muscle Model & 4th place Men’s Physique.
PCA Extreme bodies, 4th Place Men’s Physique.
IFBB Millenium Golf Plate, 4th Place Men’s Physique.
Fitness Runway Model, Top 10.

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