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Global Fitness Elite
South Africa
Meet Global Fitness

We dedicated our lives to improve the lives and bodies of others through what we have learnt in our own experiences. Our passion to help others become the best versions of themselves is deeply rooted. We live to help people improve their health, confidence, fitness and being happy with the reflection in the mirror. Our programs are individually developed according to each person's lifestyle, body and goals. With 15 years' experience, knowledge and some science to back it all up, we can elevate you to be the best, fittest and healthiest you in 12 weeks (or even less). Marius Van Rooyen and Dewald Van Deventer are the 2 professional trainers leading the Global Fitness Elite movement. Become part of team GFE, your future self will thank you!

Taking control of your health and fitness is the best decision anyone can make


Personal Training & Exercise Science - TriFocus
Advanced nutrition - Shaw Academy
Sports Coaching
Kettlebell Instructor
Qualified Bootcamp Instructor


Amazing Client Transformations
Clients competed in Elite Athlete Extravaganza

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