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Dian de Coning
Meet Dian

De Coning Fitness - Trainer: Dian de Coning

My name is Dian de Coning and I'm a 21 year old South African Fitness enthusiast living in Perth, Australia. I am currently finishing my Master Trainer course in Fitness at the Australia institute of Personal training. I've been training in the gym since I was 14 years old, competed in my first show when I was 16 years old and also been an ambassador/Athlete for numerous brands in the industry. I've been involved in Field Sports for 10+ years, Powerlifting for 1 year, and Fitness/Bodybuilding for 5+ years. I am very passionate when it comes to my clients and them reaching their goals. I treat my clients as my number one priority. Together we will achieve nothing else but success!


Currently studying: Master Trainer Program (Certificate III in Fitness – SIS30315 & Certificate IV in Fitness – SIS40215 ) at The Australia Institute of Personal Trainers


Body beautiful U/21 - 3RD 2014
Body beautiful U/21- 2ND 2015
Face of USN Sportsmax - 2016
Featured in Game on Magazine - 2016
WBFF SYDNEY Australia - 7th 2017

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