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I am an American living in Durban, South Africa. I have been in the fitness industry for 10 years between the USA and SA. I have worked in supplementation & nutrition, commercial & private gyms, one-on-one & group fitness both in-person and online. I take pride in developing relationships with my clients so that I can best assist them on their fitness journeys. Having been on both sides of the fence with wavering health, weight, and habits, I love being able to relate and propel clients forward. My vision is to empower people to take control of their lives through physical activity & healthy habits. I have seen it through my own personal experiences and the experiences of those around me throughout life. We go through crisis, we have identity issues, we suffer with being unable to cope with not being who we were or what we imagined we would be.
My goal is to help people to get a grasp on learning to FEEL good after losing hope in themselves. My vision is to help one person at a time get past image dysmorphia, inability to cope with circumstantial change, and learning how to love ourselves from the inside out through steps in the right direction of health.

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2011 BSci Exercise Science, Minor in Personal & Community Health Jacksonville State University, Alabama


2012/2013 Nationally Qualified NPC Bikini State of Georgia
2013 US Army State of Georgia National Guard competitor's award for Best Legs
2013 American Presidential Challenge Physical Activity & Fitness Award
2017 Wellness Athlete IFBB of South Africa1st x2 KZN, 4th x3 KZN(1) & Gauteng (2)

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