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Dylan van der Linde
South Africa
+27 82 871 7590
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R 120   Upfront
Duration: 8 weeks

8 Week Body and Mind Transformation

a Guide to a more permanent holistic weigh loss solution.
Tired of worrying about your weight?
Feeling fatigued, unmotivated, anxious or stressed?

8 Week Body and Mind Transformation Package:
- Fully customized training plans using the latest online technology and free mobile app that links you directly to your trainer anywhere in the world.
- Custom meal plans
- Guidance and exercises in the following topics, as well as valuable insights as to how they relate to your weight.
1. Mind Body Awareness
2. Meditation
3. Stress
4. Energy
5. Sleep
6. Anxiety
7. Healthy food relationship
8. Lifestyle

This package incorporates a holistic approach to overall health and fitness. It is designed to give you the results you want, as well as help you understand your body and strengthen your mind so that your results last a life time and that you finish this program as a new improved, happier and healthier version of yourself.


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